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expressive: effectively conveying intention

adjective | ex·pres·sive | \ ik-ˈspre-siv \                               

develop: convert to a new purpose by constructing

verb | de·vel·op | \ di-ˈvel-əp , dē- \

We started renovating together in 2000 with a complete renovation of and addition  to our first home.  Over the years we have worked together on many projects and through them all a common theme prevailed.  Transforming houses into CREATIVE. BUILT. SPACES that are aesthetically pleasing, budget conscious, well built and produce an end product that we are proud for others to call home.  What started as a fun hobby for us as young newlyweds merged into an opportunity to create a business that would help provide for our family.  We are lucky to have an incredibly talented crew to work with, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. 






Christine has a bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene.  Seems like a good fit right?  Prior to meeting Jeremy she never thought she'd be swinging a hammer or tiling a kitchen instead of cleaning teeth, but she loves it.  She will tell you that her training as a hygienist helps her have a very steady and precise hand when  painting, caulking, tiling or doing anything else most others find tedious.  Christine is fiercely organized, a natural designer, the boss of the budget, the master scheduler and is always searching for the next project.  She has a lot of passion, vision and a great gut instinct for what will make an amazing project. She will always have the final say over paint colors and she will always try to throw out something that Jeremy is trying to save on a project.  She will make sure her crew is fed and will always, always have paint in her hair even if she didn't pick up a paintbrush that day.  



Jeremy has been building things since birth, and even before then you can guarantee he was thinking about it . He has tons (and we mean tons) of hands on experience and a fancy Architecture license to go along with it so he keeps reminding us that we have to take him seriously. His expertise and passion for construction combined with his attention to detail can not be matched. He is a huge asset in so many ways and has a very strong work ethic. He will design, draw, manage and coordinate, but his favorite thing is making sawdust.  Jeremy really does have a love for his work and he is excellent at what he does. " If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life"  Jeremy will always want to preserve some quirky detail on a project or remove a wall to open up the space.  When his daughters are on the job site he likes to teach them a thing or 2 about carpentry and hard work. 




" Ask Jim" is heard a lot around here.  Not because he knows everything but because he always has a solution, typically one not found in any book but gathered  from his 40+ years experience.  Jim has experience with just about every trade and  his willingness (and patience) to pass on his tips, tricks and secrets to us over the years is priceless. He has taught all of us something and some of us more. Jim lends his keen eye to design, he is hands on and he is a master problem solver.  Jim will always propose two ways to approach something and he also whistles while he works.  He retired from General Motors as an engineering analyst after 30+ years  and calls working for us his "encore career".  Jim is a man who wears many hats and wears them all well. He is a leader, a  mentor, a trusted friend, a loyal employee, a hard worker and a really awesome dad. (full disclosure: we might be a bit partial)





In baseball there is a guy known as the super utility player, the player you can trust to put anywhere in the field and get the job done.  That guy for us is Bud.  No job too big, no job too small.  He never says no, even when he probably wants to or maybe even should.  He will quickly learn what he doesn't already know and whatever job we give him he will give 110% back. Bud will drive his truck to the dump, twelve times if needed, and he secretly loves crawl spaces and attics.  He seems to  find an active hornets nest at every project and makes us look awesome on the job by making all of our logo T-shirts. An ex-horse racer, retired paramedic and new grandpa.  He is our Playmaker. 


Gracie & mackley 

These girls have literally grown up around job sites, pack-n- plays and all. They usually move right in to one of the rooms at the project with their bean bag chairs, DVD players, tablets and snacks of course.  They are self taught creators of some pretty amazing Lego structures and Minecraft worlds.  Sometimes they get "bored" and want to help us out (or earn money) but that is usually only when there are no neighbor kids to play with.  They will always make friends with the neighbor kids at our projects and are often sad to part ways when we are done with a house. Gracie always finds some money on the job site but never quite enough and Mackley is a huge fan of mid century modern and victorian architecture. The most important thing is that we are all together and they are having fun.  They understand what it is we do and why we do it  and we hope that we are able to teach them how to bring those Lego and Minecraft worlds to life.